What a week for Obamacare!

What a week for Obamacare (ACA). The President admitted he mislead us, by stating you can keep your insurance if you like it. Period. You can keep your Doctor, if you like them. Period. Both are wrong. But he says he did not know that it was not true. Are you kidding me!!!

What it really says is you can keep it, if you had it on the date the Law was signed into existence in March of 2010, IF it met the requirements of the Law, which was written later by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). The requirements may include things such as maternity and newborn care, and pediatric services, including oral and vision care for an older family who do not or can not have any more children.

As far as your grandfathered plan, IF your insurance provider changes almost anything in the plan you lose it. Check it out. I found very interesting things on:


I’m not sure if this is totally correct but it is so close, and the idea is true, as it really eliminated most of the possibility of keeping your insurance because of the 10 items required by the plan. As far as keeping your Doctor, that works only if the Doctor is in your new plan, which probably will not happen for most.

Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi was on one of the Sunday morning talk shows this last weekend and said the Law allows you to keep your Insurance. What she forgot to add was as long as it has all the things that HHS put into the Law. Again as far as I am concerned, a half truth is a lie, if you leave out something that can hurt another person by your omission.

The President did another one of his Presidential Executive Orders requesting the Insurance Companies break the Law, and allow those that met the Date of the new Law to have their Insurance reinstated, and those that have not gotten their notice, to continue their current policy. The House passed a Bill granting a more encompassing Bill, that the President said he would Veto if it got to his desk. The Weasel will try not to allow the Senate to Vote on it, but I think it will happen, and require a Conference between the House and Senate to come up with an agreement. There are too many Democrats in the Senate that will side with the Republicans for once, to get something done to extend this so they can be re-elected.

There are a lot of seats in the House and enough in the Senate coming up in the 2014 election, to change the picture for the President, and he might have to work with those over the cliff Republicans. His compromise right now is, Do It My Way!!!

We have all been hurt by the lack of rebuilding the Economy by this Administration. They tried stimulating the Economy by inserting large amounts of cash. It has not worked. Some would say, look at it now we are moving to a better spot. Yes, but at what cost, and look at the time it has taken.

Us Supply side people say, Government get out of the way, and let small business stimulate the Economy. That might have worked without Obamacare as written, but there are too many unknowns for small business, so why would they stick their necks out there just to have the Administration chop it off. All they want to do is Tax and Spend. Why do you think we do not have a Budget for the past 4 plus years. Tax and Spend is what they want.

Obama has denied knowing too many things for me. Who is in charge? Where is the accountability? The Fraud in many of the Government Programs would not be tolerated in a public company, so why is it we are paying for this Fraud on the Nation by the people who run, and I use that word loosely, the so called Government.

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