How to remove desert broom bushes!!!

This may not seem like the place to see this kind of post, but I wanted my blog to be more than just a place for real estate information and statistics!

I hate broom bushes!!  They’re pretty when they’re young but they are weeds and they grow up to have that white fuzzy stuff that gets into everything including pools.

Somewhere I was told or read how to get rid of them as it’s very difficult to dig them up and get all the roots.   First I clip everything to an inch above the ground.  I discard all the clippings into the trash.  Next I use a 6 ounce size yogurt cup and put an inch of Super Concentrate Roundup in the cup.   With a one inch brush I “paint” the ends of the bush that are left above the ground.  Be very liberal with the Roundup heavily coating the ends.   Then you can be confident that you are done as the plant will soon die.

If you don’t want those ends sticking up, just dig around the bush and cut it at the ground level or more before “painting” it.

Then it’s bye bye to fuzz.

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